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Spearman’s Hypothesis Tested Comparing Young Libyan with European Children on the Items of the Standard Progressive Matrices

Alsedig Abdalgadr Al-Shahomee, Jan te Nijenhuis, Michael van den Hoek, George Spanoudis and Mislav S. Žebec


Published: 2017/03/01


Spearman’s hypothesis tested at the level of items states that differences between ethnic groups on the items of an IQ test are a function of the g loadings of these items, such that there are small differences between groups on items with low g loadings and large differences between groups on items with high g loadings, and it has been confirmed in a limited number of studies. In this paper we test Spearman’s hypothesis, comparing a group of young Libyan children (N = 900) with other groups of young children from Denmark, Cyprus, and Croatia (total N = 1,847). The analyses were carried out on four comparisons between the Libyan children and the other children. Spearman’s hypothesis was strongly confirmed with a mean weighted r of .67.

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