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Sex Differences in Personality Dimensions in an Egyptian Sample

Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek

Published: 2018/06/01


The aim of the present research was to examine sex differences in personality dimensions. A convenience sample of 1,917 Egyptians took part in the study (895 men, mean age = 23.93, SD = 4.32, and 1,022 women, mean age = 21.07, SD = 3.38). The sample consisted of different occupational groups and university students who answered the Arabic version of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. This scale assesses four dimensions or subscales: psychoticism (P), extraversion (E), neuroticism (N), and lie (L). Their Cronbach’s alpha reliabilities ranged between .72 and .81, indicating acceptable to good internal consistency. Men obtained significantly higher mean scores on P and E, whereas women had significantly higher mean scores on N and L. All effect sizes were small. There is a need to move from Eysenck’s Giant Three to the Big Five model of personality to test sex differences.

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